Information-driven values systems and road maps for business families


Analytics. Big Data. Convergence. These latest-and-greatest management tools deliver unprecedented insights to corporate executives. As a speaker, biographer and strategist, Bill Yoh customizes these concepts for the world of family businesses through his proprietary approach of Familytics®. While family-owned companies comprise more than fifty percent of US GDP, less than half transition intact to a second generation of ownership. Far fewer make it to a third, let alone fourth generation.

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To combat these challenges, Bill's approach starts from a lifetime's experience as a family member, owner and executive of his family's century-old, 43,000-employee family businesses. He combines his personal journey with over twenty-five years of intentional dialogue with more than one hundred other business-owning families and more than two dozen subject matter experts and advisors. What differentiates Familytics® is how all of this experience and research is distilled down to values systems and road maps that help family business owners lead their most fulfilling professional and personal lives.

In publishing Our Way, an in-depth biography on his father and his family, Bill literally wrote the book on his family's succession from the first to the second generation in the 1970s. He was then an active participant in the succession from the second to the third generation in the 1990s. And now he leads the family's efforts on the path toward succession to the fourth generation of family control. Bill and his brothers have achieved particular success in devising and implementing best practices around the professionalization of business leadership and around the various "hats" that family business owners must wear. And he has the scars to prove it!

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