See below for samples of Bill's published articles and other writings

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Succession progression article

Bill wrote an article in Family Business Magazine about best practices and challenges associated with generational succession in family businesses. To read it, click below

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african mission trip experience

While on a mission trip in southern Kenya, Bill and his traveling companions experienced a sequence of events that can only be described as divine. Click below to read about it


Viral Eagles letter

Bill wrote Seven Gifts: An Open Letter to the Philadelphia Eagles the day after the Super Bowl parade. In the first 96 hours on his Facebook page, it reached over 50,000 people, and was then published by media outlets in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and became the theme of a four-hour radio show on which Bill was interviewed. To read it, click below

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Life observations

Bill has written and published stories about family dynamics and the human condition in a shore town literary magazine

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Business opinion pieces

Bill wrote and published business articles as chairman of The American Staffing Association, which supports the $150 billion staffing industry

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College drop off

Bill’s reflection piece on the experience of dropping his firstborn off at college received over one hundred comments on Facebook in one weekend


Rowing poem

In high school in the 1980s, Bill wrote a poem about the sport of rowing which today hangs in the boathouse of his alma mater, The Haverford School