Praise for Our Way

"An inspiring story of love and loss, triumph and

"Of the books you can find on family business, Our Way
is head and shoulders above pretty much all of them"

"A raw and compelling story of a family and their
journey to living lives of purpose"


Learn. Love. Lead.

An embattled son becomes a patriarch. An untested employee becomes a CEO. A husband becomes a caregiver. A student becomes a teacher, and ultimately a student. Spike Yoh’s life story paints a vivid picture of the profound and very human forces that shape leadership. From a troubled childhood that would have propelled most into a cycle of broken relationships and self-doubt, he rewrote the rules of his own life, and in the process built his father’s company into a billion-dollar enterprise.

Through self-determination and a commitment to see the glass as more than half full, Spike Yoh became a loving family man, a business leader, and a philanthropist whose keen intuition and unmatched ability to connect with others have inspired individuals and organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Drawing on interviews spanning eight decades of relationships; more than one hundred years of research, correspondences, and family diaries; as well as personal perspectives, Spike’s youngest son Bill Yoh creates a candid and emotional journey of love and grit, of business and blood, of admiration and imperfection that covers the drama, the comedy, and the tragedy of a life well lived.

From the deep-rooted influences of American ancestry to the complexities of modern family dynamics, Our Way offers readers a rare glimpse of a life that bridges the divide between the twentieth-century industrialist and the twenty-first-century man. Spike Yoh's journey is both energizing and relatable, regardless of one's background or beliefs.